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Hi Everyone,

On Sunday 11th November I attended the seminar organised by the Basset Hound Club of Wales.
When I decided to attend this event I thought I was going to an informative day on the construction of the Basset Hound which I was looking forward to. I travelled up to Wales with Pam Coulbert who had been asked to help Marianne Nixon.
When we arrived we were given the warm welcome this club always extends each time I am fortunate to visit. I was more than happy to accept my work book from Tina and sat through a very informative talk give by Marianne Nixon and Pam on the correct construction of the Basset Hound, many thanks to Roger and Scarlet, who were placed on a table for us to examine them more closely.

After the talk Marion Brown then told us we would now sit the written exam lasting one hour…….. exam what exam? Oh, well I can only do my best….The exam was thorough and well presented, and every aspect of the hound was covered. I have no idea how many I answered correctly but I did my best.

During the wonderful lunch which was provided by the club, (they know how to please in Wales), I realised that the six of us who had sat the exam were now going to judge five dogs. I felt sick at the thought. Worse was to come, the handlers on the day were all Championship Judges! Numbered 1 to 5, 1st Tina Watkins, 2nd Sandra Allen, 3rd Anne Roberts, 4th Liz Watson and 5th Marion Brown, what a novice I felt, and what a Pratt I was about to make of myself, my mouth went dry and I still felt sick. I judged as I thought and wrote my critique and hopefully got it correct. Just one more hurdle to go I had to read my critique to Marianne and Anne, who were sat at the top of a large table, doing a very good imitation of two very scary school mistresses about to interview a naughty school girl, actually they soon put me at my ease and praised me no less! I would like to extend a big thank you to all the ladies who gave a full day of their time to help me, no question seemed too trivial and they were all so willing to share their considerable knowledge.It seems that some of the people in the show world are willing to help the newer members, which is much appreciated. These people are the true professionals of today and offered the encouragement needed for owners like myself to perhaps move one step up the long ladder of knowledge. What started as a fun day in Wales has now become very important to me and I now have a little knowledge of the years it takes to gain the expertises shown to me last Sunday.

My thanks also to the people in the kitchen, who provided tea and coffee all day and waited on us hand and foot, throughout lunch. I am just waiting now for the postman, because I would like to have passed, if I did not, well I will attend the next one.

Sue Danel.

* Note.
We are pleased to say Sue DID pass as did everyone who attended a great achievement for all of you and a wonderful success for us - thank you all for your support!
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