Pedigree Dogs Exposed - the truth about Basset Hounds
This video is 10 minutes long - the Basset Hound is dealt with within the first 4 minutes
Pedigree Dogs Exposed screened by the BBC, included many statements which have been seriously harmful to our breed, it was premeditated to shock and sensationalize! The producers were successful in getting the RSPCA and others to agree with their primary aims. The damage caused by this biased programme will be difficult to overcome, however, here we tried to redress the balance and give an objective view

There are four points which we’re sure that the general public are not aware of:

1.Jemima Harrison has apparently stated on the internet that “There is no legal requirement for me a programme maker to give equal weight/airtime to opposing views”.
2.The statement made by the RSPCA Veterinary Surgeon has been criticised by senior members of his profession, it is inaccurate and untrue and the RSPCA has since withdrawn support for it.
3.The Kennel Club Representatives gave more than three hours of interviews to the producers, all but approximately 10 minutes or so ended up on the cutting room floor.
4.The BBC renown worldwide for its high standards of reporting, and has fallen very short with this programme as it lacked fairness and balance - Shame on you BBC!

This programme and its producers aimed for sensationalism and contrary to the impression this programme gave, the Basset Hound in general is not as described by this television programme! The Basset Hound is a very healthy and robust breed. As described on the "character page" it can be and IS a stubborn dog who enjoys life to the full.  The Basset Hound should be fit for the purpose for which it was bred and if your Basset Hound is fit for purpose then he should be fit for a long, happy and active life.

There is no doubt, since this programme was screened by the BBC in August 2008 the whole world of pedigree dogs has been turned upside down especially the world of our ouand will probably never be the same again.

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