Our Current Officers & Committee:

Patron:                      Mrs. R. June Hallett (Aberthin)
President                   Mrs. Marianne R. Nixon (Brackenacre)
Vice Presidents:        Mr. JWR Roberts (Islwyn)
                                  Mrs. Marion Brown (St Hubert)

Chairman:                 Mrs Sandra Allen (Fivevalleys)
Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Tina (C.M.) Watkins (Blackvein)

Committee Members:
                 Mr. Morris Armstrong & Mrs Judith Armstrong Mr. Ray & Mrs Julie Dawes, 
                 Mr. Stan (G.M.) Roberts (Flossyfield) Mr. Arthur Salusbury (Mooroolbark)
                 Mrs Sue Danel (Bazbourne),
Show Team:   
                 Ms Alison Campbell & Miss Kristen Watkins          

Our financial year runs from 1st January to the 31st December and we are required by the Kennel Club to hold an Annual general Meeting each year prior to April 30th, for the members to receive the report of the Committee, the Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet, to elect Officers and members to the Committee; and to discuss any Notice of Motion which has been placed on the Agenda, the Club's Annual Judges List is also presented at the AGM.

The day-to-day administration of the Club - the nuts and bolts as it were, is entrusted to its Officers and Committee. The full committee meet at least 4 times a year, and they have the power to nominate sub-committees. At present we have two such sub-committees: -

The Judges Sub Committee:

There was a great diversity between judging lists and the judging ability of some of those on them. In 1997/1998 the Kennel Club found it necessary through its Judges Working Party Framework Document to implement changes to the way clubs compiled their Judging Lists. They produced an advisory criterion for the compilation of Breed Club Judges Lists in which they set out their requirements (some optional), but many were Kennel Club policy. Over the next few years this criteria was updated and new rules and requirements for Judges were set.
It was necessary for each club to set up a Judges Sub-Committee that would deal with applications, updated CVs and establishing a draft judging list for approval by “the full Committee” before its publication. The Kennel Club required that 75% of these Sub Committee members should already be passed to award Challenge Certificates. We were luckier than most in this aspect, all of our Sub Committee members award Challenge Certificates, and they are: Mrs. Sandra Allen, Mrs Marion Brown, Mr. Arthur Salusbury and Mrs. Tina Watkins.

The Seminar Sub Committee:

We have held many seminars over the years. Our first two were quite easy; we only had to worry about a timetable, and managing to fit everything in. In 1998 we decided to put on an “in depth” study, we asked three of our most senior breeder/exhibitors to speak and share their vast knowledge with their students. It was obvious from the outset the format would be quite complex. Securing the help and services of handlers and dogs for exhibition. Producing of a booklet-containing breed standard, pages for notes and room for a critique. Food for all, and a timetable would have to be set and strictly adhered to.
It was at the initial planning stage the full committee agreed to put the overall planning of the event into the hands of: -
Mrs. Marion Brown, Mrs.Tina Watkins, Mrs. Marianne Nixon and Mrs. Ann Roberts .

Each with their own field of expertise that could be drawn upon and together combined to form the foundation and standard format. We are pleased to say this format was so successful it was asked for and supplied to other Breed Clubs planning Seminars.
It has also been used as the basis of our more recent seminars help in conjunction with Kennel Club Seminars on Conformation and Movement and Rules and Regulations, although our last two have been set with A2 Judging List Assessments and included a written examination on the Breed Standard.

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