Character and Temperament

The character of the Basset Hound makes it an exceptionally loyal and faithful dog with an easygoing temperament, that makes them excellent pets, although it should always be remembered they are very intelligent and strong willed. Whether you decide upon a Basset Hound - a sad eyed, slow moving, as a companion/household pet, or as a show dog, it is a breed that cannot be ignored.

They are willing to please, as long as you donít mind having what they intended to do in the first place, they have a wonderful knack of going deaf when they donít want to listen. Love, patience, perseverance, combined with a treat or two often does the trick.

Bassets are pack hounds and need the love and companionship of others, whether that is another animal or a person, they need to be part of the family - their pack. They donít like being left alone for any considerable length of time, they can be destructive and/or howl. They are a very intelligent, contrary to their looks, try taking a Basset for a walk when it is pouring with rain, it may go as far as the door, look out and see the weather and beat a hasty retreat back to its bed! Is that the actions of a dog with no brain?

It is also worth remembering these are not couch potatoes and they do like a good walk, they were bred for endurance in the field and can walk for hours, however that amount of time out walking is not really necessary unless it is something you enjoy and want to do. You should always follow your breeders advise on exercise for youngsters as they need a special exercise regime until fully grown.
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