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Following a recent television programme concerning the purchase of a puppy with a bogus Registration Certificate A very important point - some buyers are not bothered about documentation with the Kennel Club but the puppy had no insurance cover! It fell ill within 24 hours of purchase and was found to have a serious medical condition which proved fatal within days.

We realize many prospective puppy purchasers know nothing of Kennel Club. We thought it would be beneficial for prospective puppy purchasers to see copies of genuine Kennel Club documents, all carrying their official logo. You should recieve a copy of the following including a Puppy Regisration Document and a five generation pedigree usually produced by the breeder, however, sometimes a Kennel Club Pedigree is purchased direct from the Kennel Club for a fee. In addition to these you should also receive from the breeder a diet sheet, instuctions on what to expect and how to care for the puppy and approximately 4 weeks free insurance. Click on the links below to see copies of the relevant documents

Finding a reputable breeder can be as easy or as difficult as you would like to make it. You can be guided by the Kennel Club, this link will take you to their pages dealing specifically with Basset Hounds and everything connected with them, including Assured Breeders. While this is a scheme promoting good breeding practises including health and welfare, however, it should still be remembered that Basset Hounds are heavily puppy farmed. It is always worth double checking with Breed Club Secretaries (Their names can be found on our links page) about people (or names) on the Assured Breeders list, they are only too willing to help you to get a well bred, well adjusted puppy. They also know people who have many years of experience....please don't ignore this advice it is here to help.

Click on the following headings to see copies of what you should expect with your puppy when you take it home, when you visit your brto see their paperwork prior to buying the puppy.......if they registration does not look similar to this very careful!!!
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