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FAQ's - Do you really want a Basset Hound?

Sounds a silly question, but there are a few things to consider before you commit yourselves fully. They are perhaps the wrong kind of dog for those who have a pristine house and/or garden. To be owned and loved by a Basset Hound you need a big loving heart and sometimes a bank balance to match!

A few things worth remembering are:

They are wilful and disobedient
They are not couch potatoes.
They do moult leaving their fur around the place.
They do have feet like sponges that leave muddy or dirty footprints on your clean floors.
They do slobber and deposits can be found half way up a wall or on the ceiling.
They do dig up plants from flowerbeds or make holes in the lawn
They do have a knack of reaching the most out of the way places - like the back of kitchen worktops when you have overlooked some tasty morsel.

Is this breed right for you?

Read these points carefully

Bassets are hounds; donít expect the alertness of a terrier, the protectiveness of a guard dog or indeed the demands for attention or affection of a toy dog. Nor expect the versatility of one of the breeds that can be obedience trained - a basset hound will only disappoint you. To expect a basset to be more than he /she is, is not only unfair to the breed but to the individual dog.
Bassets must be kept home by strong, sturdy fences and gates that close properly, they are a scent hound with a keen nose, second only to that of a Bloodhound. If allowed to escape they will, Basset hounds have been known to become lost and even killed on the roads by following an interesting scent.
Bassets can do very well living in a kennel provided they have the proper exercise, care and attention. However, no Basset should be tied or chained up, nor left alone for any great period of time and it would suffer greatly as a result.
Bassets can be prone to obesity that can be stressful to their long spines. Great care should be given to their feeding and this is probably more important in young dogs than old Bassets, than it is with most other breeds of dog. Ask yourself these questions and be completely honest with your answers.
Do you want a Basset Hound as an ornament or do you want a real dog with many good qualities as a pet?
Are you so captivated with another type of dog that the laid-back nature of the Basset will become dissatisfaction?

Have you owned other dogs that can serve as an indicator on how to treat a Basset?
Are you willing to invest time and money to search for and find the right Basset for you and your family?
Will you or another responsible adult, be at home and help your newcomer to settle in?
Are you willing to stress on your family, friends and visitors that having a Basset around means that doors and gates need to be securely closed?
Are you also willing to stress on them that food should not be left around for the Basset to get hold of, or to feed titbits from the table?
Will you commit to regular veterinary visits for your Basset? Are you willing to follow instructions about healthcare you basset may need throughout its life?

If you have answered all of these honestly and you are convinced a Basset Hound is for you, you have now passed the point of no return - where so many of us have gone before you.

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