Endorsed Breeders
We have all heard much about the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme. The scheme is vast and since ‘that BBC programme’ people are queuing to join it. However, there are many reputable breeders who resent having their years of amassed experience and knowledge of the breed bypassed in this way.  The Scheme itself does not give Joe Public the information it needs to differentiate between breeders proven to be of good reputation having spent years in the breed and those with no or little experience of the breed whatsoever, but Breed Clubs can!

Sadly the vast majority of Basset Hound puppies registered by the KC are produced by people who are outside the remit of ‘ALL Basset Hound Clubs’ and therefore not subject to a Code of Ethics or the recent changes to the Breed Standard.

During recent months, while our breed has been open to severe attack, we have discussed the possibility of issuing a logo which indicates that a person is known to us, who produce well bred, well nourished and good tempered puppies.  We are prepared to promote breeders of long service, good reputation, who have long standing respect within the breed from their fellow breeders. Some of whom have worked tirelessly for the breed by serving time on breed club and branch committees etc.

Obviously, today we have far fewer of the larger professional kennels than of old, but this proposal is aimed more for the hobby breeders, who are not so widely known, these are the breeders who we wish to support.

We have the following criterion which has to be met before approval can be given:

By continuous membership (3-5yrs)  
                                                             2:       5yrs experience of the breed 
                                                             3:       No more than 2-3 litters a year
                                                             4:       Known by their peers as an exhibitor of the breed       
                                                             5:      Closely adhere to the Club's Code of Ethics
Brackenacre Basset Hounds:

Mr & Mrs Nixon.  83 Fletemoor Road, St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon PL5 1UL - Tel: 01752 361201
Listed below are breeders who comply with our requirements:
Blackvein Basset Hounds:      email - blackveink9@gmail.com

Mrs T. Watkins.
  6, Cobden Street, Crosskeys, Nr. Newport, Gwent.NP11 7PF - Tel: 01495 271101
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