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The Basset Hound is a very healthy and robust breed. As described on the "character page" it has been bred to be wilful and disobedient, but still enjoys life to the full.  The Basset Hound a hunting hound should be fit for the purpose for which it was bred and if your Basset Hound is fit for purpose then he should be fit for a active, long, and happy life.

In recent time the Basset hound has been branded unhealthy and subject to crippling deformities......and since we have become a very proactive breed as far as health issues are concerned, and are very open minded.  Should a problem arise, we are usually very good at finding an answer. The Basset Hound Health Group website is a very useful source of further information which can be found by following this link - 

A Health Survey was carried out in late 2011 full results of which are not yet available, however, from time to time, and certainly on a regular basis, the Group will be asking owners for help in collecting information about the health of the breed. 
This will be a great help and it will be important for as many Basset Hound owners and breeders to get involved as it will enable us to take a ”snap shot” of the breed at that specific moment in time and will allow us to build an accurate picture of the health of the breed.

The breed relies upon us its caretakers to do all we can to secure its future, so the breed as we know it will continue long into the future mirroring its acsent from the past - so your help in all of these ventures is essential!
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